Share your family's love with a family portrait

Family Portraits

Imagine what it would feel like to share your family's love every day?

You can, with a professional family portrait proudly displayed in your home. Chris Lommel Photography specializes in preserving family memories.

You made us all feel so special. Thank you for taking so much time to make it just perfect and caring about all of us. You have a true gift as an artist and also are a compassionate person. Thank you!"
— Cindy Graham, Becker, Minnesota

So in the hustle of daily living, take time to share special moments with your family.

  • Give a hug.
  • Share a laugh.
  • Celebrate together.

Better yet, celebrate this time in your family's life with a portrait session designed just for you. We can help you get started.

  • What does your family enjoy doing together? TELL US

  • What makes your family unique? TELL US

For tips on clothing selection and session planning, get a complimentary portrait planning guide.